News 2nd July 2018

I have not updated the website since April, this was deliberate as I was waiting until a member advised me that they had not seen any new information for a long time, this happened on Sunday so I know one member does look at the Club Website.

Yesterday, 1st July we had a Hog Roast, preceded by a knock-out-triples game, then a Spider, for a bottle of Scotch, this was won by Eileen Taylor, quite remarkable as Eileen has bowled very little this season. There was also a target bowls competition, although not many played in this, because of the amount of food consumed, plus the extreme heat deterred most from playing, it was won by Ann Padgham, winning prize being a slab of Toblerone.

The food was excellent with pork joints, burgers, various sausages, meat on skewers, plus salad, followed by some fantastic cakes.

The bar was open the whole afternoon, with Derek and his team serving all attendees needing sustenance.

The day was organised by Carol O'Brien, with her wonderful team of helpers, well done all of you.

There was a raffle, the money from this, the knockout triples and the spider, a total of £220.00 was donated to the Alzheimer's Society.

All in all a great time was had by all.