Club Information & History

The Cheshunt Bowls Club was formed in 1924 amongst the members of The Cheshunt Club.

 The existing Croquet Lawn was used as a base for the Bowls Green.

From a lowly position in the Hertfordshire Bowling community, the Club soon prospered to become one of the most foremost Clubs in East Hertfordshire.

In Cheshunt itself, only one Club has a longer History.

The Club is open to Ladies, Gentlemen and children over the age of 14 years, who will be invited for an informal chat to advise them what goes on in the Club, and what is expected of them.

The Cheshunt Bowls Club has been a self- sufficient organisation since 2010, it has proved to be the turning point in the Club's long history.

With a refurbished pavilion, with a superb kitchen and its own bar, we are a club to be envied.

We are self administered by a committee consisting of up to fifteen members who are elected at an annual general meeting held in October each year.

We have been having a whist drive on Friday evenings throughout the winter, plus one a month during the summer. These evenings are great fun.

All members have equal voting rights.