Cheshunt Club EGM

To be held in the main hall at The Cheshunt Club

At 7.00pm on Friday 24th January 2020.


Only members and employees welcome.

Plan to be put the members for agreement.

The only alternative being a viable option offered by the members which requires immediate effect or the club

 WILL FOLD by 27th January 2020.

this includes rebursement of any financials that Gary Johnson has paid to this stage to prevent closure.

Freehold of Cheshunt Sports Ground Co. Ltd. land to Gary Johnson , price being all debts on date of completion

(currently £128,000.00). all legal fees & employment of existing staff.

Gary Johnson to be appointed as a director of Cheshunt Sports Ground Co Ltd (this means he will be directly involved in the receipt of both Target Fitness & DR Farming debts to the company.

Club shares of Cheshunt Sports Ground co. ltd to be transferred to the Play Barn Charity for nil.

Cheshunt Club dissolved to be re-opened as Cheshunt Sports Complex within the unincorporated remit.

The Cheshunt Club constitution allows only for the club to be dissolved if assigned to a charity or National sporting body or another CASC, therefore can be assigned to the Play Barn Charity.

Chars Youth Football Club


We have a new youth football team who have joined us from September 2015.  All the boys are Cheshunt based.  They run a Sunday fitness session, at 9.30am, for the 4 year olds, prior to them starting football at age 5. Chars will be playing home games from 11.15am on Sunday, with Under 6’s on 5-a-side; Under 7’s and Under 8’s on 7-a-side; and Under 9’s and Under 10’s on 9-a-side, with a maximum of three games.

Catering will be supplied from 10am, with tea/coffee and bacon sandwiches available for all to purchase.  It is anticipated that burgers and hotdogs will also be on offer from midday.


Chars are really excited about joining us and the parents will be encouraged to use our bar facilities.


They have a Football Summer Camp booked for half term week (26th October) and are also planning to hold their presentation evenings at the club.  We would like to offer Chars a warm welcome and hope they enjoy the use of the facilities, both on and off the pitch