October 2015

Volume 1, Issue 6

Welcome back to those who have returned to their sporting activities for the new season.  Here is another newsletter to keep you informed about what has been going on in and around your club. 

Genny Hill

Club Chairman

Funding Projects

Your Club Executive Team continue to seek opportunities for improved funding to try and support a number of initiatives around the premises.  We have been unable to secure a mortgage and sadly we had our application for a grant declined.


We are, however, currently in discussion with two energy companies, looking at both our lighting and heating costs.  There is potential to make major savings, but we need to find the funding to get this started, so sadly we are not able to launch either of these, as yet. If you know of any funding initiatives we could explore, please let us know.

Ground News

Phil Maule, our club groundsman, has been working extremely hard and has recently been focussing his time on making the transition from the cricket and outdoor bowls seasons in readiness for the return to our football season.


The Outdoor Bowls season closed much later than usual in September, which meant that he was not able to put the green to bed until October.  Phil is concerned that this is likely to be too late for the grass germination process to be fully effective and could mean a risk of a very patchy green at the end of April 2016 when play is expected to resume.  Let’s hope the weather is kind and will aid the hard work that has been put in to try and prepare for the change.  The whole transition depends on the purchase of topsoil and seed for both the cricket and outdoor bowls surfaces simultaneously, to ensure we get the best discounted rate.  We would strongly recommend that neither the Cricket or the Outdoor Bowls activities run later than first week of September to minimize this risk.


Phil and his working companion, Jack, can be seen during all weathers, but we would remind our members that dogs, in general, are NOT allowed on the premises.


We also continue to benefit from sterling work from our Maintenance Officer, Jim Sibbald, ably assisted by Neil Johnson, who carries out all sorts of repairs and general  duties around the club.

Proposal for All Inclusive,

one fee, Indoor Bowls

Season 2015/16 (October – mid April = 28 weeks):- 

Play once a week, in a league or roll up & you pay £4 x 28+100 subs = £212

Play twice a week & this increases to = £324

Play three times a week & this now becomes = £436

If you play in Drives on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 

This is 3 x £3.50 x 28 weeks + £100 subs = £394

If you play in a Drive on Tuesday & Friday 

This is 2 x £3.50 x 28 weeks + £100 subs = £296

If you play in 3 roll ups or 1 roll up & 2 leagues 

This is 3 x £4 x 28 weeks +£100 subs = £436

If you play in 2 matches/week & 2 leagues 

This is 2 x £1.75 *28 + 2 x £4 x 28 +£100 subs = £422

Now consider that many of you play in the drives throughout the summer so would pay far more than explained above. The scheme about to be disclosed, would save you money. 

The Executive Committee is suggesting that you each pay a standing order to the club.  This could be over 7 months (winter season) or 12 months (annual membership) 

Let’s say the club is asking for a total payment of £300 

(Subs & Rink fees can only increase) 

This could be split into a down payment of £80 on 

1st October followed by 11 monthly payments of £20 = £300

Or a down payment of £90 on 1st October followed 

by 6 monthly payments of £35 = £300

Or £25 / month over 12 months, starting from 1st October = £300

Or £60 on 1st October & then £40 for 6 months = £300

Would this work for you? 

If so, which payment option would you prefer? 

Club Insurance


Anyone using ANY sporting facility at The Club, will not be covered by any other insurance unless they are a member of The Cheshunt Club. If an accident or injury happens, any insurance, whether it be personal training or with another sporting affiliation, will be invalidated unless they can prove Cheshunt Club membership.  It is therefore imperative that you keep your membership up-to-date and ensure your details are correctly recorded by The Club.  This ruling does not apply to opposition teams, who will be covered separately.

Catering Team

Our Club caterers, Steve and Jean, who are now entering their second year at Albury Ride, have quickly established their reputation across our varied business. 

They have fulfilled a number of bookings during the course of the year and details of their services can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/JJSM-Catering/268230886706524

Bookings are coming in thick and fast, so if you are interested in booking an event please make sure you speak to Sue or Kevin, to get your event in the calendar.

During the summer months our catering team have also been busy decorating, providing a makeover to the dining area of the hall.  They are now offering to co-ordinate a larger project to provide a similar makeover to the main hall.  If you would be interested in making yourself available to support this project, please contact Steve.  His contact details are:


Email: stevemoore1@live.com  

Mobile: 07929 389226;

or speak to him in person when they are at The Club.

Chars Youth Football Club


We have a new youth football team who have joined us from September 2015.  All the boys are Cheshunt based.  They run a Sunday fitness session, at 9.30am, for the 4 year olds, prior to them starting football at age 5. Chars will be playing home games from 11.15am on Sunday, with Under 6’s on 5-a-side; Under 7’s and Under 8’s on 7-a-side; and Under 9’s and Under 10’s on 9-a-side, with a maximum of three games.

Catering will be supplied from 10am, with tea/coffee and bacon sandwiches available for all to purchase.  It is anticipated that burgers and hotdogs will also be on offer from midday.


Chars are really excited about joining us and the parents will be encouraged to use our bar facilities.


They have a Football Summer Camp booked for half term week (26th October) and are also planning to hold their presentation evenings at the club.  We would like to offer Chars a warm welcome and hope they enjoy the use of the facilities, both on and off the pitch

Club Bar

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